Blue Lotus plant, scientifically known as Nymphaea Caecrulea, is a well-known psychoactive plant that is revered in the medical world as well. With many other names like blue water lily, sacred blue lily, and Egyptian lotus, it is one of the oldest medicines in the Egyptian community. It was traditionally used as an organic sleep aid, aphrodisiac, and, most importantly, an anxiety reliever.

However, since it contains some psychoactive properties, many still wonder if it’s safe or legal to use. For all those who are still contemplating using blue lotus tincture, this article will surely help. Here you will learn everything you need to know about the origin and use of this plant extract.

Origin of the Blue Lotus Plant

The discovery and the first use of the Blue Lotus plant date back centuries to ancient Egypt. This plant was first found on the banks of the River Nile and is considered sacred in Egyptian culture. I was a symbol of God Nefertem and thought to have several balancing, healing, and relaxing qualities.

Ever since then, there has been a lot of research on the plant, each finding a new beneficial property of it. With scientific backing, researchers have determined that it has properties far greater than what was believed in ancient superstitious Egypt.

Now, Blue lotus extract has paved its way into the mainstream market with different medicinal and cosmetic properties, together with anti-depressant and anti-diabetic applications.

Skincare Benefits of Blue Lotus Flower

What Can You Expect From Using Blue Lotus Extract?

In the last five years or so, blue lotus extract use in BPC products has increased tenfold. With more green and eco-friendly product line-ups, blue lotus extract is a common sighting in the majority. Given its mood-enhancing abilities and novel scent, it has true potential to meet its rising demands.

From usage in aromatherapy to other cosmetic applications, there are many potential applications of it across the BPC market. While aromatherapy is the more common reason for purchase, recently, a few new moisturizers containing blue lotus extracts got launched as well. Blue lotus extract has the ability to regulate oil control. Any moisturizer with blue lotus extracts is non-comedogenic.

This means it will not clog your pores. In addition, it will also help remove any excess oil, avoiding the growth of blemishes on your skin. While it helps hydrate and cleanses your skin, the comforting aroma can de-stress your mind, making it the perfect product.

What Are Some Other Uses Of Blue Lotus Extract?

In ancient Egypt, Blue lotus was mainly known for its medicinal and recreational benefits. Many users claimed that it could reduce anxiety and improve sleep. These effects were mainly a result of the two main compounds in the flower, namely, nuciferine and apomorphine. In later research, blue lotus flowers showed traces of antioxidants as well.

It included flavonoids, myricetin, quercetin, and kaempferol. These could further help fight damaging free radicals in your body, which often harm the good cells. A diet with more antioxidants has shown a lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and a few types of cancer.

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